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Site Updates

This very basic site is a "place holder" for use while a very interactive site is being developed.

The new site will offer substantial Absolute Representation information to the web surfing public...and...it will also offer a range of interactive functions and features to logged-in members. 

The site will support members in connecting with each other to share ideas, actions and opportunities both generally and as participants in, or creators of, goal and/or geographically based specific interest groups. 

As a flexible and expandable on-line home for our shared interest community the new site will enable us to improve, prepare  and promote the Absolute Representation Electoral System for adoption by any governing body in Canada that is considering electoral alternatives..

Absolute Representation Updates

At least until the new site is launched periodic email updates about the progress of the its development, and of the development of the Absolute Representation project itself, will be sent to anyone requesting them by clicking here.

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