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Absolute Representation Updates+

The Absolute Representation Electoral System is in the early stages of its journey toward full public awareness. This very basic "place holder" site is one step on that journey and replacing it with a much more technically advanced interactive site is a planned future step.

The new site will offer substantial information to the web surfing public about the Absolute Representation Electoral System, and about its on-going development. It will also offer a range of interactive functions and features to logged-in AR Supporting Members that will assist them in connecting with each other to share information, ideas, actions, opportunities and events related to getting the AR system known, understood and accepted in Canada and the World.

Periodic email updates about the progress of the AR System on its journey, and of the new site's development, will be sent to anyone who requests them.

AR Update Noticification Requests

If you would care to share your thoughts about any aspect of the Absolute Representation Electoral System as described on this site, and or about this site itself, they would be appreciated.

Your Corrections, Queries, Suggestions and/or Feedback are Welcome!

Any project aimed at reaching mass awareness and acceptance such as this one has to grow far beyond its founding support group. If you are intrigued by the possibility of joining us onn this journey, or any part of it, and would like to know more let us know. We're always open to discussing the art of the possible!

What's involved in being involved?


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