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Submissions Invited

If you are interested enough in the AR concept to host/organize a discussion, presentation, meeting, activity or event in your area about it please submit information about what you are doing Here so it can be included in this calendar. Please specify at least your city/town/area and a brief description of the event. If it is a private, invitation only, event say so but submit it anyway to let others visiting this site know that things are happening. If it is a public event either include all the necessary date, time, location, etc. information or supply a contact method for acquiring that information.

In these early days of getting the word out about the Absolute Representation Electoral System such events are, as you can see on the calendar, thin on ground but each one that gets listed has the potential to inspire others.

Once a new interactive site is launched you will be able to login as a supporting member and add items to its calendar yourself. (Updates +)

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